Santorini – Athens – Santorini

View on Acropolis at sunset, Athens, Greece
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Private helicopter use 

Helicopter: Airbus H-355 F2 More Photos

Flight duration: 70 min 


Steeped in ancient history, Athens is dotted with the fantastic ruins of ancient temples and archeological sites.  For more than 2,500 years, a European metropolis has grown around its most significant and eternal landmark, the Acropolis.  Built on a rocky plateau, the Acropolis is an architectural wonder that towers over the city.  While it may be the birthplace of democracy, Athens is also a creative, modern capital that steps to its own beat.  Get a taste of its café culture, rooftop bars, traditional music clubs and historic neighborhoods of the <em>kentro</em> or city center.  Or visit the Athenian Riviera where the palm tree-lined streets, sea-facing taverns, open-air nightclubs, and beautiful beaches showcase another face to Greek city life.

Enjoy a day trip to Athens. Holidaying in Santorini and want to visit the Greek capital? You can rent a helicopter which will take you to Athens in no time and you may return in the evening just in time to enjoy the famous Sunset in Santorini. Once you are done with your shopping spree and enjoying the highlights of Athens, a helicopter will take you back to Santorini. Contact us today to book your helicopter transfer from Mykonos to Athens and back.

You will fly in a twin-engine helicopter Airbus H-355F2 (5-seat capacity) or with helicopter Robinson 66 (4-seat capacity)

This is a Day Trip to Athens and 5 hours stop is included, so you will have a perfect opportunity to take a look around the city.

Flight duration: 70 min  | Price: exclusive helicopter use 5570€ / per seat 1400€

1400€ (min 4 pax) 

Semi-private helicopter use

Helicopter: Robinson 66 More Photos