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Santorini’s multicolored cliffs dramatically drop into the blue of the Aegean where a unique sea-drowned Caldera remains.  Imagine it from the sky.

Fly by helicopter above one of the most beautiful and unique islands in the world to see it in a completely new way. Santorini’s rocky terrain encircles what was left by one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in history.

On those cliffs, the white Cycladic houses cascade down terraced rock.  It’s magnificent during the famous Santorini sunset when the orange-red glow against the landscape creates a romantic atmosphere that will have you gazing and dreaming.  There’s even more natural beauty to the island to witness from your helicopter seat …

Book a Santorini helicopter ride and enjoy your flight over one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.  Perfect for a romantic ride for two, a memorable team event or fun family excursion.

The memories and pictures will be unlike other tours you can possibly take on the island.

Santorini’s charm extends well beyond its visual appeal and historical allure. The introduction of air taxi services and private flights has transformed the way visitors can experience the island and its surroundings. SantoriniHeliTours offering of helicopter flights and private jet services provides an exclusive aerial perspective that’s both luxurious and efficient, catering to those who value their time and comfort while seeking to maximize their Aegean adventure.

For those looking to explore the Cyclades or venture further to the Dodecanese or other Greek destinations, the helicopter service presents an expedient option. The short flight durations underscore the convenience of air travel over traditional ferries or commercial flights, which can be more time-consuming and less direct. It’s worth noting that such services also offer the opportunity to avoid the complexities and delays often associated with larger airports, streamlining travel experiences significantly.

Santorini sunset houses

The pricing structure, reflective of the exclusivity and convenience of these services, positions these flights as a premium option. While not for every traveler, the target audience here is clearly those for whom the value of the time saved and the exclusivity of the experience justifies the expense. Furthermore, private jet options expand the reach well into the international domain, offering efficient connectivity to and from Santorini for a global clientele.

The range of destinations, notably Bodrum, Istanbul, Larnaca, Nice, Zurich, and Napoli, highlights the strategic placement of Santorini within the Aegean and its accessibility to both regional and more distant locales. For example, the quick flight to Bodrum opens the door to exploring the Turkish Riviera, while a flight to Nice or Zurich appeals to those seeking to connect with the French Riviera or the Swiss financial centers, respectively.

Moreover, the seasonal availability of a twin-engine Airbus H-355 F2 from May to September is a notable detail, as this period coincides with the peak of the tourist season when demand for such services is likely at its highest. The capacity of the aircraft, the specified flight durations, and the indicative prices provide potential customers with a clear, upfront understanding of what they can expect from the service.

The provision of sightseeing flights is particularly appealing; experiencing Santorini from the air offers a unique vantage point of the caldera, the cliff-side settlements, and the broader volcanic landscape that defines this remarkable island.

In essence, SantoriniHeliTours services represent more than just a means of transportation; they offer a luxury experience that could become an integral part of the memories visitors take away from Santorini. Whether used for inter-island travel, sightseeing, or international connections, the availability of private helicopters and jets is emblematic of the island’s status as a premier global tourist destination.

Helicopter (4 pax) Flight Duration One- way Indicative Price One-way
SANTORINI TO IOS 0:15 1.300,00 €
SANTORINI TO PATMOS 0:50 3.550,00 €
SANTORINI TO ELOUNDA 0:45 3.500,00 €
SANTORINI TO ATHENS 1:10 3.900,00 €
 SANTORINI TO BODRUM  1:33  8.500,00 €

Indicative Prices for International Flights by Private Jet
(Light Jet 1-6 pax)





8.400 €



9.500 €





      14.950 €



        15.250 €



      12.950 €

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